Our Expertise


  • Security survey/audits
  • Temporary security
  • Fire watch patrol
  • Construction site security
  • Retail and warehouse security
  • Healthcare facilities and hospital security
  • Agricultural establishments security
  • School security
  • Hotels and restaurants security
  • Oil and petroleum security


  • Swimming Instructor guard
  • Investigative guard
  • Receptionists guard
  • Computer c•xpc•rts guard
  • Children guards to and from school
  • Driver guards
  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals Security
  • Retail and warehouses Security
Providing security solutions that makes your life easier



  • Construction Site Security
  • Fire Watch Patrol Temporary Security
  • Security survey/ audits
  • Special Programs & tour guards
  • Kitchen chef guard
  • Installation & monitoring of’C.C.T.V Alarm Response Facilitation
  • Cha. e Cai:x
  • Airport Pick ups
  • Parcel Services

Protecting your equipment from construction site theft is important. You don’t want someone to swoop in during the middle of the night and steal it.


Security is incredibly important for farms and other agricultural environments for protection from intruders,protect water supplies,deter theft and monitor daily operations.

Retail and warehouse security

With the right warehouse security measures, you can protect your supply chain against these acts of burglary. We therefore help you with guarding retails and warehouses.


We help in delivering protective security advice across all types of hotels and restaurants,prevent threats and the measures that can be taken to reduce risks and mitigate the effects of an attack.


We patrol the building and its grounds, monitor all activity in and out of the hospital, and endeavor to prevent vandalism and disturbances within the facility.

Oil and petroleum security

Threat & Risk analysis helps our specialists to build proper-layered security levels in order to form a quick reaction force for any potential threat.We have skilled  security personnel to protect our clients’ assets.

                       STAFFING AND PERSONNEL
County guards exist to ensure your peace of mind by giving the highest quality security service possible. To achieve this we carefully select our staff to suit the firm’s culture and ethics of putting our client’s needs first. The agreed start -up date of the contract will determine the roll out schedule. A Start-up lead-time is agreed to ensure that the contract commences with the optimum Quality of Service and efficiency. It will include:
• Tailored Manpower selection & Training
• Training on In-house Procedures
• Draft – Standard operating procedures
• Approved- Standard operating procedures
• Site Equipment & Stationery
                      SECURITY PERSONNEL QUALITY
Our service quality is at the heart and foundation of our company therefore, we strive to continuously maintain and upgrade our personnel quality. Our employee selection process is completely unique and specialized to hire the people best suited for the various post(s) and assignments.

The steady growth of County Guards Limited and the acquisition of new clients across all sectors of the economy both private and public indicate that our Mission and Vision are in line with the demands of the market place and that we are providing superior service delivery.

                                       CANINE SECURITY
County canine security offers canine patrol teams. Each team consists of a highly trained and validated dog in partnership with a licensed canine certified security officer. Our teams are easily recognized by their professional appearance and their highly trained alert canines at their side. All canine teams are equipped to perform patrol services at high profile venues. Our canines are socialized, safe, and effective working dogs. With a canine training facility, all our canine teams receive regular training sessions, which have enabled us to perform exemplary. This ensures that every dog behaves predictably when handled correctly, and reacts in accordance with developing situations.

Our products and services are tailored to the following areas:
& Financial service providers and utility Security
& Private, Public and government buildings and facilities Security & Residence/Apartment Security
& Oil and petroleum industry Security & Hotels and restaurants Security
& School Security

The firm values of Integrity, honesty, reliability and commitment to outstanding customer service position the firm above other firms in the region. We offer our clients first-class service in the protection of people, property and information.